당사가 개발한 캐스팅 관리 프로그램인 TMS(Total Model Solution System)를 기반으로 캐스팅 기획의도에 맞는 가이드라인을 제시하고 있습니다.

-7 만여명의 모델/연예인/인플루언서/전문인/
 해외 모델 정보시스템 구축

 (모델 약 79,216 명 / 데이터 723,863 개)

-엔터테인먼트사별 소속 연예인 정보 일원화

-모델 파워별 빅데이터 및  모델 선호도 확인 시스템

-뮤즈APP과 연계 된 신인발굴 시스템

Based on the TMS (Total Model Solution System), a casting management program developed by our company and we provide guidelines for casting intentions.

- 70,000 models/celebrities/influencers/professionals/international model information system

- Model Database (approx. 79,216 models / 723,863 data)

- Unify celebrity information by entertainment company

- Big Data and Model Preference identification system by model power

- Muse App-linked rookie detection system

Based on TMS, the advertising model database of Ready Entertainment ‘MUSE’ has provided differentiated casting services to clients, models and actors through its first application in Korea.

In July 2020, ‘MUSE 2.0’ has been upgraded to newer and more diverse features, allowing models and actors to communicate with fans anytime, anywhere based on their personal Social Media content profiles containing diverse content, and participate in casting opportunities for various projects.

- Provides content profiles and profile sharing capabilities on Social Media

- Self-PR is possible through Muse SHOW, a participatory short content channel

- Conducts brand model casting events and content collaboration projects by voting by MUSE members

- Provide casting opportunities through the recommendation system of 99 industry directors, including advertisers/broadcasters/film directors/entertainers, etc.

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